jaz-drive is sleeping

Lutz Kittler (kittler@sse-erfurt.de)
24 Jan 1997 11:38:23 +0100

I have a problem with a Iomege-Jaz-Drive.
When the jaz-drive is mounted and is not used for a
longer time , then it is sleeping. That's okay,
but after this you cannot access the device.

The first ls-command shows the contents of the jaz-
partition ( must be from cache ).
The following touch-command for a file on this partition
will never returm.
All following processes, which access the jaz-drive,
like ls,touch,umount will go state "D" and so you have no
chance to access the drive without rebooting.

We have the following kernel :

Kernel: Linux master 2.0.21 #4 Mon Oct 21 08:10:31 MET DST 1996 i586

"ps -ax" shows
27631 ? D 0:00 touch /jaz1/archiv
27671 ? D 0:00 ls -CF --color -l --color /jaz1

cat /proc/27671/status
Name: ls
State: D (disk sleep)
Pid: 27671

Thanks , lutz

Lutz Kittler                        E-Mail : Lutz.Kittler@sse-erfurt.de