Re: How to increse [sic.] max open files?

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07 Jan 1997 16:31:45 +0100 (Matthias Urlichs) writes:

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> (H. Peter Anvin) writes:
> > By author: (yuri mironoff)
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> > > Forgive my ignorance but why not implement dynamic file descriptor
> > > allocation??? All these arguments about a maximum NR_OPEN would then
> > > become inconsequential.
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> > It ain't so easy, and it's BSD's fault. select() has a very nice way
> > to ensure that a bitmask of file descriptors is the right size, but
> > the FD_* support routines immediately bungles that very nice idea by
> > effectively requiring the maximum number of file descriptors
> > (technically, the largest possible numerical value of a file
> > descriptor) to be known at compile time. There is no way in C to
> This is the kernel mailing list. The first step is to fix the kernel,
> including 2.0.27+, to support "unlimited" fd_sets. This hasn't happened
> yet. (Somebody said he's working on this..?)

I have a select() routine now that supports unlimited fd_sets (better
ulimited NR_OPEN). I also have some patches that add a per process
nr_open with a /proc/sys/kernel/nr-open, so you can just do
echo 8192 >/proc/sys/kernel/nr-open and all processes forked after
this will have a bigger file table. You still have to recompile
the applications of course, when you want NR_OPEN > 1024 but
that's painless (just add -D__FD_SETSIZE=4096 to CFLAGS). When anybody
is interested in alpha patches mail me. It works on my machine but
is not extensively tested.

What I would like to see in 2.1 was the addition of poll() to the
standard kernel. The sparc port already has it (in
arch/sparc/kernel/sys_sunos.c), iBCS has it too, only native i386
Linux programs can't use it. The poll() interface supports an
arbitary number of fds.


> After that has happened, we can think about application programs.
> Most programs won't ever open more files than the default FD_SETSIZE.
> Those that do should just define a reasonable maximum they can handle,
> or allocate the fd_set buffers themselves (it's not that difficult even if
> you don't use C++).
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