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Tue, 7 Jan 97 12:15 GMT

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>I don't know if this has been reported or not. I am having trouble
>with my Toshiba 6x ATAPI CD-ROM Drive since the new ATAPI stuff was
>implemented. Specifically, the door will not open when the button is
>pressed on the drive or when a program tells it to open. This symptom
>occurs seconds after booting 2.1. The problem is "solved" by shutting
>down and restarting up. I don't mean just rebooting. Complete powere
>down. The problem is not present in 2.0 or Win95.

I have been having problems with my Sony ATAPI 4x CD-ROM that sound a
little bit similar. Using both workbone and cdtools I get complete
locks when I try to do a cdstop or cdeject before the disk has
finished playing. The IDE bus seems to lock solid and any attempts to
access any drive hang. The cd drive will not open or the system work
again until I have power cycled the whole machine. I am using


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