Re: Floppy problem

William Burrow (
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 09:19:29 -0400 (AST)

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Greg Alexander wrote:

> On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Alain Knaff wrote:
> > problem. Some filesystems (minix ?) seem to not handle this situation
> > gracefully, and panic if they get any errors. Others (ext2 ?) do it
> > the correct way, and just remount themselves readonly if a "fatal"
> > error occurs. This prevents further corruption to the disk, but still
> > allows the user to work with other parts of the system.
> This is not always true. At one time I had an ext2fs that was in my mtab
> to be mounted under /scrap. It had no important files in it and,
> fsck), I got a panic from this situation and I had to boot from a floppy
> too modify /etc/mtab. ext2 does _not_ always handle errors in an
> admirable way.

If you check my latest experiments with 2.0.23, you will find that *only*
ext2fs has problems with handling a filesystem that has gone away. Ext2
remounts the fs as read-only, but any attempt to reference the fs results
in D state processes.

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