Re: PS/2 mouse

William Sowerbutts (
Sat, 04 Jan 1997 18:30:14 +0000

At 16:35 04/01/97 +0100, ing. G.A. van Dorth wrote:
>after reinstalling Linux, and compiling the first kernel according
>to my own configuration gpm, as well as X, is running without
>the message device or recource busy.
>So I getting more and more confused about what the reason could be
>for this stange behaviour of the PS/2-mouse driver.
>I have to mention that the same occured in earlier versions but for
>whatever reason disapeared.

Is your PS/2 device on your motherboard? Who manufactures the board? Is
there any other device using the PS/2 ports interrupt or IO address space?
(IRQ 12, I believe, and 0x0060 and 0x0064 for IO). I believe the chip you
should have is an i8042, or some sort of hardware emulation in a Super IO

If you look in [linux-src-root]/drivers/char/psaux.c, you will see that
there is a line which you may need to uncomment to initialise your mouse.
perhaps this will aid you.

Good luck!

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