Re: too much untested code in new kernels

Stephen Harris (
Sun, 5 Jan 1997 12:47:04 GMT

Various people have written in this thread, spouting much gibberish.
Ah well, I suppose that's what happens when we become popular :-)

However, please note the following.
Kernel 2.1.x ***IS*** ALPHA grade code.

The audience we are aiming at are the potential users of the 2.2.0 kernel.
There _are_ no users of 2.1.x, merely developers testing the code.

By downloading and attempting to compile a 2.1.x kernel, you have
implicitly agreed to become part of the development team, and as such you
can expect to find code that is not functional, or may not even compile.
When you find such code, you do not shout your mouth off, you write down
a report and mail it to the appropriate forum detailing the bug, how it
is exercised, and (if possible, but not required) a fix.

The result of this will be a tested bit of code that eventually makes it
into the 2.2 kernel set. It is only at this stage that we have "users"
who can reasonably expect the code to compile cleanly.

                            Stephen Harris

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