Re: modutils snapshot for 970103

Markus Gutschke (
4 Jan 1997 15:55:13 +0100 (Jason Burrell) writes:
> So then I did a 'make keywords.c'. After that, everything compiled just
> fine. Kernel 2.1.20 with the new modutils runs fine. It looks like some
> things may just be out of order. I think this should be fixed before
> modutils-2.1.21 is released.

"make keywords.c" requires "gperf" which was not installed on my
system. There should either be a reference in the documentation
telling where to obtain "gperf" or its use should be avoided. Maybe, a
pre-computed version of "keywords.c" could be shipped with the modules


P.S.: I did find "gperf" by now, but I assume other people will
stumble over the same problem.

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