Named gets itself stuck in a loop in 2.1.19+

Brian Blackmore (
4 Jan 1997 23:52:07 -0000

Somewhere between 2.1.9 and 2.1.19 named seems to have decided to enter
a processor eating loop (in 2.1.9 ps rarely shows named as running, in
2.1.19 its running all the time). My network setup is as follows...

# Attach the loopback device.
/sbin/ifconfig lo localhost

# Attach an alias for gryphon's demon address
/sbin/ifconfig lo:0

# Configure the ethernet card for the local network
/sbin/ifconfig eth0

# Somewhere around 2.1.10 auto routing was added, thus we avoid adding routes
# on new kernels
case "`uname -r`" in
/sbin/route add -net loopback
/sbin/route add
/sbin/route add -net looking ;;
*) ;;

localhost is, is, is, loopback is and
looking is