virt_to_phys for ioremap pages

Bob Felderman (
Sat, 4 Jan 97 01:30:46 PST

using i386 2.0.27
I'd like to be able to use virt_to_phys()
on a pointer that was returned from ioremap [nee vremap].

on the i386 architecture, this doesn't work because
virt_to_phys is basically a no-op. I end up keeping around
the original physical address and doing the math of

(board_virtual_ptr - board_virtual_base) + board_physical_base

to "implement" the virt_to_phys() myself.

I'm concerned what will happen when I port to other architectures.
Will I be able to continue to do the math wtih the above function.
Can I ever count on virt_to_phys to work with ioremapped addresses?