nfs_proc_readdir: giant filename

Rob Hagopian (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 01:06:34 -0500

This poped up in the syslog the other day (happy new year!):

Jan 1 18:15:04 vuser kernel: nfs_proc_readdir: giant filename

Our setup is pretty simple, on a P120 we have 3 Quantum Fireballs using
striping through the MD driver. These are then mounted via NFS onto a Dual
PPro. Both running 2.0.27. The host running RedHat 3.04 w/some 4.0
packages, the client running 4.0 w/errata. The above message appeared on
the client. Server shows nothing exciting at that time. Users primarily use
the client, although they do have login capabilities on the server. The two
machines are on the same ethernet segment with very little other traffic.

I'm a bit surprised at this message, I can't think of a situation that
would cause it. Unless I'm mistaken, NFS can handle any filenames that
ext2fs has, so this shouldn't happen. OTOH, it could always just be a
fluke, such is life.

Any comments/questions/etc/etc welcome.

-Rob Hagopian