Re: Adaptec AHA2940

Tuomas Heino (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 03:59:27 +0200 (EET)

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, James L. McGill wrote:

> On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:
> > I've been using an AHA2940 for ages, and it works fine. However, there are
> > some problems with changing SCSI adapters, e.g. a harddisk formatted with
> > an Adaptec controller sometimes won't work with a NCR controller, and vice
> > versa.
> b..b..b..b..But... SCSI is supposed to be interchangeable, a fundamental
> goal of the interface design. This is alarming news. Is NCR or Adaptec
> at fault?
Not sure which's at fault but...
I had a d0s partition on 540 meg cheap scsi hd... swapped from
ncr to aha2940... after that d0s failed to read the drive (disk editors
revealed that it had some stupid ("wrong") translation scheme) ... anyway
Linux, w95 and NT were able to r/w it... no problems with not-so-d0shish
partitions... so has anyone had problems with non-dos partitions?