Re: Adaptec AHA2940

Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 11:14:40 +0000 (GMT)

> : > I have just installed a 2940 adapter in my system and installed slackware
> : > 3.0 on my scsi drive connected to it. The install went smoothly but when i
> : > booted it and tried to compile a kernel i got gpf's and kernel page request
> : > errors and my system immediately locks solid. I have thorougly checked my
> : > system and cant see a hardware problem to explain it. Ive been using the
> : > scsi drive for a few months connected to an AHA1542 adapter without any
> : > trouble. Is there a know bug with the driver for this card, and is there
> : > a fix for it?

I had troubles with an AHA-2940 myself, using linux 2.0.21. The computer
would lock up real tight after about 1 minute of heavy disk access. I had
to do a hard reboot to get the machine up and running again. Switching to
2.0.25 & 2.0.26 did not help.

Researching mailing list archives gave me the following clues:

1. AHA-2940 doesn't like Trident video adapters.
2. AHA-2940 wants to be in PCI slot #1.

Basically the card seems pretty sensitive.. tip #2 solved my problem.
Merely pulling the card out and moving it to another slot was what solved
my problem. :-/

Clue #1 seems to be less reliable - I'm using the AHA-2940 in a machine
with a Trident on-board video adapter but it has stopped giving me problems.
The computer is always in text mode though, so that may not mean much.

I'm certainly not going to buy any more 2940's.

Hope this helps..

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