Re: performance of vfat versus ext2?

Alexander Sanda (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 02:13:39 GMT

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"Marty Leisner" <> wrote:

>For msdos mounts I get:
>Writing the 25 Megabyte file, 'iozone.tmp'...12.990000 seconds
>Reading the file...353.160000 seconds
>IOZONE performance measurements:
> 2018044 bytes/second for writing the file
> 74228 bytes/second for reading the file
>Any hypothesis? I did some performance studies in 1.* and didn't recall seeing

Hm, I have also noticed very low performance when reading from
fat/vfat. For example, midnight commander takes a very long time
(about 10-20 seconds) to read a vfat directory with approx. 110 MB in
1400 files. I don't think, it's midnight commanders fault, because it
is way faster on ext2 partitions. Also, FAT isn't that slow. Norton
Commander (version 1.0 for win) takes about 1 - 2 seconds for the same
job under NT.

And, yes you're right. If I remember correctly, 1.2.x was much faster
on fat/vfat partitions.

BTW: I'am running 2.1.17.

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