Re: Floppy problem

Marko Sepp (
Thu, 02 Jan 1997 13:57:54 +0200 (GFT Standard Time)

At 23:23 21.12.1996 -0400, you wrote:
>(This is more rehashing the floppy drive problem.)

>> I must say that I think ejecting the disk ought to magically umount the
>> drive! Can this be done via kerneld? It seems not - it's all wrong.
>> The kernel gets notified but not via a demand for a device ...
>Can't. The floppy drive hardware is backward and stupid. It does not
>notify when a disk is removed, it notifies (if you check!!) if a disk
>change has occurred.

Can't it be checked by the kernel, every time somebody wants to do something
with a floppy drive ?