Maquerading FireWall Feature

Stefan Bosnjakovic (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 20:28:42 +-100

Hi Everybody !

Please excuse me if Iīm wasting bandwidth and this question is already
answered elsewhere already, but I would need to get the Masquerading
IP-Firewall feature together with the Traffic Shaper function (thatīs the reason
why I use the 2.1.x kernels) to work.
The transparent masquerading works quite well for me with the 2.0.25 kernel,
but it does not seem to forward anything with 2.1.17-2.1.19. Any ideas?
I use the SuSE distribution rel 4.4, but installed the following patches:
Insmod: 2.0.0
Procps: 1.01
SysVinit: 2.69 1.8.5
SysKlogd: 1.3-3
Mount: 2.5p
Net-Tools: 1.32-alpha
Kbd: 0.91

I can ping stations on both ethernets, and "netstat -r" shows everything OK.
If i boot kernel 2.0.25 it forwards and masques packets, with the 2.1.x it doesnīt.

Other odd thing: with the new init it obviously does not start /sbin/init.d/boot
automatically, as it did with my original distribution.
So I added an "ln -s /sbin/init.d/boot /sbin/init.d/rc2.d/S00boot". That seems to fix that
problem - is that a viable solution ?

Cheers, Stefan !