make config - can't specify number
Thu, 02 Jan 97 14:23:43 +1000

When doing a "make config" I find that I can't enter the number for
CONFIG_DLCI_COUNT or CONFIG_DLCI_MAX in the frame relay support. The only
value it accepts is "0" (anything else will bring up the help). When I run
"make menuconfig" I have a similar problem, however the menuconfig knows that 0
is an error and allows me to default to workable values.

I haven't tried actually using Frame Relay support (don't have the hardware
yet), I'm just compiling it as a module.

Here is the section from drivers/net/ that is not working for me:

tristate 'Frame relay DLCI support' CONFIG_DLCI
if [ "$CONFIG_DLCI" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_DLCI" = "m" ]; then
int ' Max open DLCI' CONFIG_DLCI_COUNT 24
int ' Max DLCI per device' CONFIG_DLCI_MAX 8
dep_tristate ' SDLA (Sangoma S502/S508) support' CONFIG_SDLA $CONFIG_DLCI fi

Russell Coker