Re: PS/2 mouse

William Sowerbutts (
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 20:48:59 +0000

At 21:27 01/01/97 +0100, ing. G.A. van Dorth wrote:
>I've got myself in trouble with my PS/2 mouse, after installing Linux
>from the
>new dec'96 infomagic CD-set. I did install Linux with RedHat.
>The following is happening. The PS/2-mouse functions when using the
>installed kernel. But when compiling a new kernel according to my own
>configuration, and rebooting, I get the message 'device or recource
>The consquence of all this is that I can't run X, because also then I'am
>getting the above message.
>The link from psaux to the mouse-driver is according to my knowledge
>set, but you never know.
>I hope someone can help me out.

Did you compile in support for the PS/2 port? It's part of the character
devices configuration options, methinks.
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