2.1.15 patchset #1

Alan Cox (alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk)
Tue, 17 Dec 96 00:20 GMT

Ok this is almost entirely a merge of other people's changes (as is actually
normally the case).

o AX.25 fixes and driver updates. It should hopefully now be back
working properly with 2.1.x kernels

o MCA bus patches folded in. This includes the missing MCA setup.S
patch and fixes to ibmmca.c. Hopefully MCA now works out of the box

o SLIP, PPP small changes to keep sparc happy

o Merged some initial ARM processor changes. Primarily little things
- support for 32K pages, fix places the kernel assumes "char" is

*** Note the diff to page_io.c: The ARM3 actually has a crazy
*** enough cache system one of the VM wizards needs to extend
*** the flushing model a little to cope. Virtual and Physical
*** aliasing in the caches, and a write buffer on the far side
*** of the MMU. Oh what fun. Ditto vmscan.c

o Optibase added to PCI tables

o NFSroot works again

o Smart invalidates enabled for SMP

o Architecture specific limits file added (this is primarily for
the ARM). You can now set per architecture pipe sizes. It might
make sense for the 8K page OS's to use 8K pipe buffers. The
ARM has 32K pages so it uses 32K pipes

o NCPfs fixes

o X.25 PLP alpha code added. For the moment this is only of
interest to folks wanting to debug it, or write drivers for
cards with on board LAPB

o 802.2LLC is back alive. I'm still fixing the callbacks to
be done in a safer way.

o ROSE updates

o IPX ought to work right now

o All sockets are allocated via sk_alloc()/sk_free() for the Sparc
experiments with the SLAB allocators

o Fixed restart bug with sys_recvfrom()

o AF_UNIX crash bug fixed

o Bridging message type bug fixed

And as usual its on shadow.cabi.net, and should be appearing on mirrors