Re: Proposal: restrict link(2)

Philip Blundell (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 20:36:06 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Albert Cahalan wrote:

> > users - like gdb, irc, etc. In this way it didn't take any additional
> > disk space and if the owner deleted the program later, I still had a
> > copy.
> If the owner deleted the program because they ran out of disk quota,
> you made sure that _they_ still owned a copy. You did not have a copy.
> I'd say this is a reason to restrict link() to the file owner.

No, it's a reason for somebody to write support for a Solaris-like
loopback mount system for Linux. That way you can mount every user's home
directory seperately, and thus prevent people from making links between