Re: vfat problems...

Charlie Ross (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:13:32 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Gordon Chaffee wrote:

> >I unmounted once and remounted when it went readonly... but it just went
> >readonly again...
> >
> >Dec 14 13:23:06 spiff linux: Problem in vfat_rmdirx
> >Dec 14 13:23:10 spiff linux: Problem in vfat_rmdirx
> This message is not a problem. It occurs if you execute rmdir on
> a non-existent directory. It can be fixed with this patch that was
> made against a 2.0.27 kernel but should still work on 2.1.x.

But there IS a problem... I was not trying to remove a directory at all..
And the filesystem just went ape and turned read only... I had to unmount
and remount it to be able to touch a file... then it went read-only
again... ran it though scandisk (after rebooting to win95) and found all
sorts of wierd problems... fixed them all... rebooted into linux... mounted
vfat.. moved a bunch of files arround... went read only... rebooted into
win95 and more errors were there...

I think linux vfat is hosing my fs. Scandisk gave me a large range of
errors, crosslinked files, unassociated long file names, lost chains... and
god knows what else...

BTW.. is there a vfat/umsdos hybrid yet?


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