Re: VESA Bios

Markus Gutschke (
15 Dec 1996 11:05:59 +0100 (Jason McMullan) writes:
> What do I need to do? The APM BIOS stuff is all over the place.

The isapnptools demonstrate how to access the BIOS from a Linux
user-space program. (although, I believe they use 32bit entry
points). Maybe, you can use this code for getting started.

> PLEASE NOTE: For all the other kernel developers, this (generalized to
> all BIOS roms) could be a nice feature to throw into 2.1
> as an 'experimental' option that is only present in development
> kernels. (Ie it would be removed for 2.2, but present in 2.3)
> This way developers would have a nice, well-know piece of
> code to perform BIOS calls through. (but, since it will not
> be in production kernels, can only be used for bootstrapping
> development for new drivers...) Not to mention the performance
> hits....

Yes, I do think, it would be a good idea if the BIOS was available (at
least optionally). There are many drawbacks and pitfalls when calling
the BIOS from within Linux, but this should be acceptable in
development kernels, as one can generally expect developers to have at
least a basic understanding of what they are doing :-)


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