Re: performance tweak for web/file servers

Egor Egorov (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 11:52:13 -0300 (GMT+3)

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Jonathan A. Davis wrote:

> Below is the original(?) message. (for those who were wondering how to get
> it). It patched, compiled and booted cleanly for me (patched against
> 2.0.27 and some simple mods), but your mileage may vary. BTW, if there is
> an updated/newer patch out there, please let me know. You can also get
> this patch via ftp to:
> I didn't write it. I haven't even tested it. If it screws up on you,
> it's not my fault. BUT I'll give you lots of sympathy as I'll probably be
> in the same condition.
> I'm testing this using INN 1.5. Since we receive around 2.1 GB/day, I'll
> probably find out quickly if there is a problem.
> May the luck that seems to favor the foolish smile kindly on me. :-)

Why not incorporate it in kernel, and throw it away as unofficial patch? I
personally don't like these, but no_atime seems to be very pretty feature. I
tested it - works fine, but, wow, whassa difference! For inn, thereis a
noticeable speedup - not less that 30%. My system runs inn 1.4 and receives
a little (2.5mb) news per day, but there is a lot of nntp readers.

Linus: how d'you think ?

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