Re: lp IRQ vanishing

Dale R. Worley (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 13:22:09 -0500

I ran into the problem that the IRQ for /dev/lp1 set by tunelp was
vanishing spontaneously. A number of people figured out what the
problem was: The lp driver was an auto-loaded module, and the IRQ
setting vanished when kerneld removed it.

The most direct answer was given by Bas Mevissen:

You are probably using lp.o as a module and you load it
automagically with kerneld. So add the following line to
/etc/conf.modules (and restart kerneld):

options lp irq=0,7,0

(BTW, the documentation for /etc/conf.modules is in the man page for
depmod(1)/modprobe(1), but isn't installed as conf.modules(5).

Thanks, all!


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