Re: Possible kernel optimization

Joe Fouche (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 08:44:49 -0800


Ingo Molnar writes:
> now that we definitely do ELF bootloading only, it's the right time to
> start thinking about the details? :)
> btw, imho it would be cleaner if we did it this way:
> - define an 'init module'. This 'module' can be unloaded after booting
> has finished. Just by calling 'rmmod initmodule' from user-space.
> the boot code has to set up this 'module', and we need support from the
> kernel image linker too. The kernel could decrease the kernel usage
> counter once all init functions in it were called?

Sounds OK with me, but why stop there? Make every part of the kernel
internals a module. Then, to upgrade a system, one unloads everything except
the module code, then reloads all the new modules except the init module,
then loads the init module. And boom, it boots again. :) So upgrading is
only necessary when updating the module code.

I'm sure this is just as easy as it sounds. :)

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