Re: buglet: sh-utils 1.13 and/or linux kernel menuconfig

Ulrich Drepper (
13 Dec 1996 16:11:35 +0100

Mark Orr <> writes:

> I've traced it down to the "expr" program, If I use the one from
> sh-utils 1.12, Menuconfig works as it should. With the new version,
> if I enter a value, it beeps and pops up a dialog saying "you have
> made an invalid entry".

This most probably caused by mising up headers and implementation
of GNU regex and rx. Either you use regex or rx, but not a mixture.

I don't have the installation procedure in mind but I think the
configure script recognizes the rx implementation in the libc
but it does not move the regex.h header of GNU regex in the lib/
subdir out of the way.

I quick fix is to overwrite the file lib/regex.h with a file containing

#include "/usr/include/regex.h"

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