Re:Possible kernel optimizati

Tekno Soft Snc (
Fri, 13 Dec 96 15:59:26 CET

>> this is an idea that I think possible.
>> It is possible to fit all the driver initialization & probing code in a
>> separate ELF section that can be discarded after kernel initializations
>> This code, after the kernel initialization, is unused, why don't free
it ?
> heh :) when i first read the ELF standard i came up with the very same
> idea ... then i was told that this idea is almost as old as Linux
> and that it comes up regularly on linux-kernel, but nobody has done it
> far.
> now that we definitely do ELF bootloading only, it's the right time to
> start thinking about the details? :)
> btw, imho it would be cleaner if we did it this way:
> - define an 'init module'. This 'module' can be unloaded after booting
> has finished. Just by calling 'rmmod initmodule' from user-space.
> the boot code has to set up this 'module', and we need support from the
> kernel image linker too. The kernel could decrease the kernel usage
> counter once all init functions in it were called?

Hmmm! I guess that can be done in this way:

- Fitting the initialization code in a section (gcc the do this with
a directive like #pragma section xyz ? I don't know the gcc very well)

- The linker can fit all the inizialization code in a separate ELF section
(like new exceptions handling), a this point we know the section
address (this section must be aligned to a page ?)

- After the kernel initialization we can mark this section (=group of
we know the start/end address, as free.

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