Re: 64 users limit

Martin v. Loewis (
13 Dec 1996 14:12:03 +0100 (Tiago Rodrigues Antao) writes:
> Arround here we're using a machine who has lots of access, sometimes 64
> users are telneted, and by the absence of more free tty it refuses to accept
> more connections. I think this is related to some kernel limit, is there
> anything we can do to solve the problem? Please help, we don't want to
> change the OS!

Since Linux 2.0, the character majors 2 and 3 are reserved to
pseudo-terminals only, allowing for up to 256 pseudo-terminals
(see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt for details).
Remake all you /dev/ttyp* and /dev/pty devices using the new major
numbers and the naming scheme as indicated in devices.txt.
I'm not aware of a MAKEDEV script that supports those new devices.