Re: Sybase for Linux? (OOPS!)

stephen farrell (
13 Dec 1996 02:54:49 -0600

OOPS! just to clarify -- i (steve farrell) forwarded scott gray's
post to the linux-kernel newsgroup from the sybase newsgroup. looks
like i left too much of the header in there and got outsmarted by
sendmail! it _appears_ that scott gray himself sent this mail to the
linux mailing list. this is *not* the case. apologies for any
confusion this might lead to!

(of course, now that i'm completely confused, i suppose it is possible
that this mail only got delivered to *me* in this this format (where
it appears the message originated from scott gray)... in which case
just ignore my confused, tired waste of bandwidth).

sorry =(

(but i think the message itself (from s.g.) is really interesting, and
hope that people who can make these improvements -- even if just to
appease sybase so they might make a port -- consider this seriously.)