Thank you everybody. Another question!

Myung-gyu Hwang (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 16:23:29 +0900

Dear Linuxers

Thank you for your quick help on my previous question,
especially Mr. Glamm and Mr. Mileski.

Anyway, I've got a more serious problem... When my Pentium
boots, it displays following messages:

tulip.c: v0.10 8/11/95
+0.72 4/17/96
eth0: EN9400 (DEC21040 Tulip) at 0xfc00,00:40:c7:94:19:bc, IRQ 10
eth1: EN9400 (DEC21040 Tulip) at 0xf480,00:40:c7:94:19:ba, IRQ 9
eth2: EN9400 (DEC21040 Tulip) at 0xf400,00:40:c7:94:19:b5, IRQ 14
eth1: 3c509 at 0x1000 tag 0,BNC port,address 00 20 af 2c 3c a3, IRQ 5
3c509.c: 1.07 6/15/95
ether_setup: Ouch! Someone else took eth1

It has 3 PCI tulips and 1 EISA 3Com EtherLinkIII cards. I think
the tulip device driver deals differently than other drivers,
so the 3Com driver counts the number of tulips as only 1 not as 3.
Do you know any patch for this problem?


  Myung-gyu Hwang