pci.h & bios32.c and vendor/board id additions.

Thu, 12 Dec 1996 19:39:37 -0500

I mailed the following vendor and board id information
(at least part of it anyway) to the pci.h
printk address about five months ago, along with the requested
supporting information included. The vendor and board id
information is not in kernel 2.0.27 pci.h and/or bios32.c. Any
suggestions on who might graft them in, and when?


> Subj: Board ID's and descriptions
> Date: 96-12-11 13:21:41 EST
> From: dano@optibase.com (Dan Odom)
> To: jrperkins@aol.com ('Jerry Perkins(Channelmatic)')
> Hi Jerry,
> Here are the device ID's and labels for our current PCI products.
> Optibase PCI Vendor ID - 0x1255
> 0x2110 - VideoPlex: MPEG-2 Decoder
> 0x2120 - VideoPlex: MPEG-2 Decoder with Closed Caption
> 0x2130 - VideoQuest: MPEG-2 Decoder with RGB/YCbCr
> 0x1110 - MPEG Forge: Optibase MPEG-2 Half D-1 Encoder
> 0x1210 - MPEG Fusion: Optibase MPEG-2 Full D-1 Encoder
> Dan