Matti Aarnio (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 18:10:33 +0200 (EET)

> > "Thank-you for your interest in Linux kernel development. Here is a
> > uuencoded copy of the Linux Kernel source code."
> > and attach the source code, and maybe even a pre-compiled binary, for
> > their benefit.
> >Note for the humor-challenged: I _am_ just kidding.
> You were? It sounded like a perfect idea to me to send to all spammers
> to this list, actually.

About SPAMs... Most often it does not pay thr trouble to send them
anything. They get tons of email because some non-infinitesimal
part of the million addresses they send to do not work. On top of
it, lots of people send them angry letters...

In addition to that, they do often use faked/stolen addresses, and
in case of a stupid AOL user (or Compu$erve or GENIE, or ..) their
accounts will usually get closed within 15 minutes of their posting,
but systems being rather quick to send something out, such outgone
email can't be pulled back :-( There is nothing like USENET "cancel"
for the email.

> Mad.
> ps. If my lines look funky, that can be, I'm working with a completely
> shitty mailer *smirk*

Does the "mailer" here mean email client (aka: Mail User Agent) or
does it mean email transport server (aka: Mail Transport Agent) ?
Officially it means the latter, while most people appear to speak
of it as if it is the former..

/Matti Aarnio <>