lp IRQ vanishing

Dale R. Worley (worley@ariadne.com)
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 09:09:40 -0500

I was wanting to test out operating my printer using interrupt-driven
I/O rather than polling. So I executed "tunelp /dev/lp1 -i 7". That
seems to work -- for a while. If I do "tunelp /dev/lp1" it will
report that the parallel port is using IRQ 7 for a while, and then
will revert to reporting that it is using polling. This reversion
happens even if I'm not using the printer at the time. (I do have lpd
running, but nothing queued.) Does anyone have any idea what might be
going on? (I am using kernel 2.0.23 and Slackware 3.0.)



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