[TOPIC SUBJECT] Subject in Linux Kernel List!?!?!?!

Krister Berg (sm2oww@kiruna.se)
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 00:08:27 +0000


I'm new to Linux and spending a lot of time to learn! I have subscribed to a
lot of Linux lists to try to get a lot of different information. Linux
Kernel list is very interesting, (guess I understand about 1 % of it! It's
(almost) always about Linux ;-), it's also the one that produces most mail!

But, it would be easier to have some type of agrement of how to set the subject!

My suggestion is that first of all tell what kernel it's about and then the
problem, solution, information or what ever
[2.0.27] Problem to get xxx to do yyy
[2.1.x] Why...
a reply could then look like:
[2.0.27] Re: Problem to get xxx to do yyy

This way it would be easy to sort the different mails to different boxes.
Also to find something that you read some days ago about the specific kernel

If some type of agrement establishes then the information about this should
be in the "Welcome to the linux-kernel mailing list!" mail that you get when
subscribing to the list. (instead of the "#### No info available for

Of course there will always be some mail that you can't find a "good bracket
topic" but if the most part have the "right" one that's a good beginning.....

Could this be a good thing or....??
I leave this to the ones that writes to the list...