Re: POSIX compatibility?

Ulrich Drepper (
11 Dec 1996 15:26:33 +0100

Andreas Schwab <> writes:

> Tracing a program changes the behaviour of interruptable syscalls. This
> should be fixed in the kernel sometime, but it is difficult because the
> context of the interrupted syscall is lost after the debugger has been
> called. I tried to get it right in Linux/m68k, but i didn't succeed. The
> GDB testsuite is a good place to find the difficult parts.
> So actually read() does return EINTR, but only when not tracing.

OK, thanks a lot. It turned out to be a problem in the libio code.
The code explicitly tells to ingnore this error type.

I looked through POSIX.1 and found no hint. There are no additions
to ISO C defined and ISO C itself does not specify this situation.

So I decided to go with the POSIX test suite and make the libio
functions return an error.

Sorry for blaming the kernel if it was the fault of the libc.

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