Re: Linux kernel file name

Ulrich Windl (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:16:34 +0100

On 10 Dec 96 at 13:33, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:

> > > 1. There is an exported list of symbols, that are needed to allow linking
> > > in the modules: /proc/ksyms.
> > > This is not the complete symbol table.
> >
> > This makes that feature rather useless IMHO.
> Agreed, but then it was not supposed to be a file equivalent
> that is HARDCODED (ie. excess baggage) in the kernel.
> > Wouldn't it be good if there were a way to check if the
> > really matches the active kernel. What if we add the "kernel version
> > stamp" as text to the and then use the address from the
> > System.mao where that value should be. If finally the value in the
> > kernel is the one from, the kernel finally must be
> > compatible. (I don't know what syslogd does to obtain its result
> > " matches kernel", but it is not always correct).
> The kernel version stamp is already in
> It has a silly name...something like "Version" :-)
> It uses one byte to version part. Example: v2.1.14 = 0x0002010e

No, I meant the _full_ version string, the one with the "build
number" (#12) and "build date". Sometimes you have different
configurations of the same release bootable...