Re: linux on the sony playstation (!)

Systemkennung Linux (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 02:23:51 +0100 (MET)

> Hi
> I just thought about this yesterday... the
> sony playstation (yes, the game platform !)
> contains a R3000A and 2MB of RAM. It costs
> nothing... does anyone knows if it would be
> hard to port linux, or if it is worth ?

So far still nobody has verified if that beast has a
MMU at all.

> (I don't really know how powerfull is a R3000A
> compared to a 486). I think Sony would be
> pretty (very) reticent to giving away specs.

Yes, but there are software developers outside of Sony,
so this shouldn't be impossible ... In fact someone
has already started reverse engineering the beast.

Re: speed of the R3000 - the R3000 is '88 RISC technology.
Depending of the clock and application speed can range from
a slow 486 upto a low end Pentium.

> It could be used as part of clusters through
> PPP. 2MB of RAM is enough to load the kernel
> and some computing application.

That spec makes is mostly unuseable for anything. Aside of
that "real" interfaces are missing.

Clusters? There are better chips for that purpose and there
will be even betters. For even less money.

> (and for fun, of course ! hey, honey, look :
> my playstation run unix :) )

This is probably the real value of the idea ...