Mega Patch #8, or "Why stop now while we haven't broken it all"

Alan Cox (
Wed, 11 Dec 96 00:28 GMT

Ok #8, should compile a bit better

Arcnet compiles (might even work)
Token ring should be ok
The MCA stuff might work (someone has it working I think I'm short a diff
4MB pages enabled with SMP (speed up hopefully - benchmarks ?)
Misc small fixes

Still broken: quite a bit of module loading, all the masquerade stuff

To build this uniprocessor remember to comment out SMP=1 in the top

All this and more available on your local mirror

PS: about 50% of people downloading the mega patch appear to stop off
and download the exploding whale avi. "whale.avi" is available at lots
of places and thats meant as a local cache copy. Ask altavista for
your nearest whale.avi source please 8)