linux on the sony playstation (!)

Alexandre Maret (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 23:48:51 +0100


I just thought about this yesterday... the
sony playstation (yes, the game platform !)
contains a R3000A and 2MB of RAM. It costs
nothing... does anyone knows if it would be
hard to port linux, or if it is worth ?
(I don't really know how powerfull is a R3000A
compared to a 486). I think Sony would be
pretty (very) reticent to giving away specs.

It could be used as part of clusters through
PPP. 2MB of RAM is enough to load the kernel
and some computing application.

(and for fun, of course ! hey, honey, look :
my playstation run unix :) )

What about this crazy idea ?


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