OFFTOPIC: Re: Is ulimit -v broken ?

Gerry S Hayes (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 17:17:18 -0500 (EST)

sheldon newhouse <> writes:
> When trying ulimit, I get
> $ ulimit -h
> ulimit: unknown option: h
> ulimit: usage: ulimit [-SHacmdstfnpuv] [new limit]
> $ ulimit -v 500
> ulimit: cannot raise limit: Invalid argument
> Is it broken, or do I have the syntax wrong?

Yes, but I won't tell you which here. Please ask this question
someplace where it is on-topic.

Hint: The Linux-Kernel mailing list is for discussion of the Linux
Kernel. Funny how that naming scheme works.

Hint: We've already told you that ulimit is a shell-builtin. The
shell is not part of the kernel. You don't tell us here which shell
you're using, but from the behaviour you quote I can guess that you
are using bash. You might want to talk to comp.os.linux.misc about
this after reading any bash-related FAQs and bug lists. If you ask on, they'll probably recommend zsh; in zsh, "ulimit -v"
works as expected. In tcsh, ash, ksh, sh, and csh there is no "ulimit
-v". None of these shells are kernel related, but if you're going to
post (to an appropriate place!) with a question about a shell you
should tell them which shell you are asking about.

Yes, I'm feeling pissy because you've already been reprimanded once
for asking this here.



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