IP Masquerading with 2.1.14?

Matt Cross (mcross@sw.stratus.com)
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 12:01:13 -0500

I recently upgraded to 2.1.14 (from 1.2.8!) so that I could do IP
masquerading. I've followed the mini-HOWTO and it doesn't seem to be
working for me. I was wondering if it may be broken in 2.1.14 (due to
the active IPv6 work maybe?) or if someone can give me suggestions for
debugging it?

(situation: private LAN in my house, PPP connection via modem to
Internet-at-large) I can see packets routed to my machine and sent out
via PPP, but nothing ever comes back (as far as I can tell). 'ipfwadm
-M -l' shows the appropriate entries as I would expect. I would like
to be able to dump the packets that go out via PPP - will tcpdump do
that for me?

Thanks a lot,

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