Re: Linux kernel file name

Matthias Urlichs (
10 Dec 1996 11:20:54 +0100

In, article <>, writes:
> Well, since the whole point of the exercise is so I can do an nlist() on
> the kernel to read the values of tick and tickadj (or whatever they're
> called under linux), there's no need for me to know the kernel name if I
> can't do an nlist() on it because it's compressed.
nlist() on the kernel isn't a good idea, anyway.

"tick" aka "jiffies" is already available in /proc/stat (the sum of the
first four values). A variable named tickadj is preset to 500/HZ (and never
changed, as far as I can tell), though what you want seems to be named
time_adjust_step and not yet externally available.

I'd suggest that, instead of random hacks like nlist which preclude Linus
from ever changing the internal name of the variable, or even the way it
works, that you export it with /proc/time or /proc/sys/kernel/tickadj or

That was not manual override.
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