Re: Linux kernel file name

Ulrich Windl (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 08:28:19 +0100

On 9 Dec 96 at 18:07, wrote:

> Ulrich,
> Would you please ask Linus and friends to implement the getbootfile()
> call?

Surely I would, BUT: The Linux kernel is compressed on disk. Thus the
usual functions like nlist() WILL NOT work. Do you still wnat to have
a getbootfile() call?

> Under FreeBSD, for example, getbootfile() calls sysctl() in order to get
> the name of the booted kernel.
> Thanks...
> H

Well, I'll CC: your message to the kernel hackers. Maybe someone has
a good idea...


P.S. Dear Hackers, Harlan Stenn wants to read some kernel variables
portably from the Linux kernel, but does not know how to do that...