Re: Shell-Script problems

Matthias Urlichs (
10 Dec 1996 07:56:59 +0100

In, article <>,
Kris Karas <> writes:
> Under 2.0.27, the script identifies itself, via the /proc interface,
> as "scum" - somewhat imprecise as the interpreter's identity is
> hidden. Under 2.1.14, BOTH the interpreter AND the interpreted
> program name are listed, for greater precision. Doing 'ps -ax' will


Under 2.0.27, ps -ax shows "bash /some/path/scum" (or "(scum) if argv is
swapped out) and pstree shows "scum".

I fal to see how that behavior can be improved on in any way. The new code
(which this patch deleted) would show "(bash)" or "bash" in the latter two
cases. :-(

Besides, I want to be able to type "killall foo" after starting ten copies
of foo. Oops -- foo was a perl program, and "killall perl" would kill a
bunch of important jobs...

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