Re: Why doesn't Apache/Stronghold like Linux 2.0.x?

Chris Adams (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 22:24:47 -0600 (CST)

>In the continuing saga of those of us plauged by problems with running
>Apache 1.1.1 (or, in my case, Stronghold 1.3.2 -- same thing but with SSL
>support), I'm having some damned strange problems since I went up to
>2.0.26/27. This problem predates my use of Stronghold (I was having it
>back when I ran plain vanilla Apache 1.1.1), so i don't think it's related
>to Stronghold.
>Originally, i was having the problem many others were having -- I would
>end up with httpd processes stuck in the R state, eating up huge amounts
>of CPU time. These processes could not be killed; even multiple kill -9 's
>would leave them unscathed. I would have to either reboot, or let them die
>(which generally took hours).
>Now that I've gone up to 2.0.26 (And today 2.0.27, same result) I've got a
>stranger problem. Now I ended up with pretty much the same symptoms,
>except the processes are killable and they are happening MUCH more often.
>Now instead of having this happen every couple days or so, I'm forced to
>kill and restart the server every HOUR OR TWO. Suffice it to say it's
>stressing me out to no end.

I have a web server that runs RedHat 3.0.3, Linux 2.0.24, and Apache
1.1.1. It gets an average of about 40,000 hits a day. I haven't had a
bit of trouble with Apache, except when I try to use the optional status
and info modules (they will cause Apache to hang). The server does not
allow server-side CGI includes. What modules are you using with Apache?

Chris Adams -
System Administrator - Renaissance Internet Services