Re: sound module - setting initial volume

Markus Gutschke (
9 Dec 1996 16:49:14 +0100 writes:
> >From the Sound-HOWTO :
> or too quiet. Markus Gutschke ( found this
> solution. Use a line in your /etc/conf.modules file such as the
> ^^(actually it's modules.conf)

Actually it is both ;-) Modprobe accepts either filename for its
configuration data.

> following:
> options sound dma_buffsize=65536 && /usr/bin/setmixer igain 0 ogain 0 vol 75
> This causes your mixer program (in this case setmixer) to be run
> immediately after the sound driver is loaded. The dma_buffsize
> parameter is just a dummy value needed because the option command
> requires a command line option.

While this trick still works, newer versions of modprobe officially
support hooks for installing/removing modules. The manual page lists
these commands:

options module symbol=value ...
alias module real_name
pre-install module command ...
install module command ...
post-install module command ...
pre-remove module command ...
remove module command ...
post-remove module command ...

For the purpose of configuring the sound subsystem, the post-install
hook will have to be set.


P.S.: Who maintains the Sound HOWTO? This information should probably
be updated.

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