R: Problem with messages while booting up

Della Betta Filippo (fdb@abanet.it)
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 15:55:09 +-100

I had the same problem..
Did you check your /dev directory for console ?
If it's not present
ln -s /dev/tty0 console

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Inviato: domenica 8 dicembre 1996 18.33
A: linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Oggetto: Problem with messages while booting up

Hi Ppll,

I have been having a unique problem for the last few days with my linux
box. I dont think its a kernel problem but anyway im trying out here
since atleast one of you must be knowing the answer.

These days when my box comes up, the last message it puts on the screen is
VFS: mounted root only.
After this it does the other stuff (rc scripts etc) but
does not echo any messages to the screen. It directly puts up the boot
prompt. The problem is that when my kernel does not come up due to some reason
i dont know whether it has hung or its doing something like fsck which takes
a lot of time. I know this is a configuration problem, so if anyone knows
why this is happenning and what i can do to correct it please send me mail.
If there is another list where i should have sent this, then let me know too.

thanx a lot for your patience