Announce: RAID-1 status for Linux.

Miguel de Icaza (
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 15:17:58 -0600

Announcing the status of RAID-1 for Linux:

me and Ingo Molnar have done a new implementation of MD RAID-1. The
software is still alpha quality, but expect a beta release soon. If you
are interested in testing the code or you are doing something similar,
then please get in touch with us.


- - RAID-1 over 2 or more devices. We are running an 8-ways mirrored
test ext2fs filesystem with no crashes. Each of the 8 devices is
mountable as an ext2 filesystem separately. Write speed scales very
close to the theoretical 1/N rule.

- - no restriction on the device files. You can run a 2 ways mirrored RAID-1
over a local disk or over loopback devices.

- - read balancing (alpha quality): the reads are balanced over the devices,
based on device usage statistics.

Ingo Molnar (
Miguel de Icaza (