Re: Zip drive with IDE

Grant R. Guenther (
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 06:41:48 -0500 (EST)

> > Yes, but you would need to purchase a SCSI controller and have a slot to
> > put it in. A SCSI device will not run off of an IDE controller. It
> > requires a SCSI controller.

> <cough> IOMega has released the IDE Interface Internal ZIP Drive, he is
> requesting a driver for that, not excuses to buy more shit.

Actually, I don't think the original request was quite so clear about
what sort of drive he had - just that he had IDE in his machine. Since
the IDE drive is only available through OEMs, it is quite hard to obtain
except as an integral part of high-end systems, so it seems unlikely
that that's what he has.

Besides, there is no special driver required for the IDE version. It works
like any other IDE device (until you want the non-standard features, at

Grant R. Guenther