'Mega patch 2.1.14#5'

Alan Cox (alan@cymru.net)
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 00:10:41 GMT

You can all find this on shadow.cabi.net:/pub/Linux. Its a merge of the
pending major networking changes (all the caches are changed for example),
assorted networking fixes, the [not currently functional] llc code and
the like. As a special bonus it also includes working SMP support for intel
machines and MCA support. Can some folks with MCA machines check this out
CAREFULLY - make a backup first, and if you are going to test the ibmmca
scsi controller code DEFINITELY BACKUP FIRST. I think the virt_to_phys
stuff is right..

I'm not 100% sure I havent broken AX.25, IPX, NetROM and ROSE (oh and
probably appletalk in the interest of fairness). So please do test and submit
reports and/or fixes.

If there are specific folks out there who've already got MCA running on 2.1.x
and are hiding from me can they drop their working fixes for MCA over mine and
get in touch...