Re: Shell-Script problems

Erik Andersen (
Sat, 7 Dec 1996 13:31:23 -0700

On Dec 7, 1996 16:07:31 +0000, Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> High!
> I've got strange things while trying to execute a shell script...

[----------- snip, snip, snip -----------]

> Because some days ago one mentioned another problem while
> executing scripts with "!/bin/sh -" (I have got the same problem
> while executing MAKEDEV), may be this is a error of the same kind?

That was me, and I am STILL having some wierd script problems under 2.1.14.
The following is taken directly from an xterm running bash under 2.0.27,
and demonstrates the correct behavior:

andersee@Dillweed% cat scum
# A useless script named scum
until [ -e /tmp/foo_does_not_exist ] ;do
sleep 1

andersee@Dillweed% scum &
[1] 1027
andersee@Dillweed% type ps
ps is aliased to `ps -acux '
andersee@Dillweed% ps | grep scum
andersee 1027 0.1 4.1 1396 616 p1 S 12:50 0:00 scum
andersee@Dillweed% uname -a
Linux Dillweed 2.0.27 #1 Sun Dec 1 13:06:32 MST 1996 i486
andersee@Dillweed% touch /tmp/foo_does_not_exist
[1]+ Done scum

This is all correct! No problems at all. But now, I simply reboot into
kernel 2.1.14 (no other changes whatsoever) and I now get:

andersee@Dillweed% scum &
[1] 282
andersee@Dillweed% ps | grep scum
andersee@Dillweed% killall scum
scum: no process killed
andersee@Dillweed% touch /tmp/foo_does_not_exist
[1]+ Done scum
andersee@Dillweed% uname -a
Linux Dillweed 2.1.14 #3 Sun Dec 1 17:50:36 MST 1996 i486
andersee@Dillweed% cat /etc/issue
Debian GNU/Linux 1.2
Copyright (C) 1993-1996 Software in the Public Interest, Inc. and others
andersee@Dillweed% bash -version
GNU bash, version 1.14.7(1)
andersee@Dillweed% ldd `which bash` => /lib/ => /lib/ => /lib/
andersee@Dillweed% ps --version
procps version 1.11
andersee@Dillweed% ldd `which ps` => /lib/ => /lib/
andersee@Dillweed% grep -V
GNU grep version 2.0
usage: grep [-[[AB] ]<num>] [-[CEFGVchilnqsvwx]] [-[ef]] <expr> [<files...>]
andersee@Dillweed% ldd `which grep` => /lib/

Something is wrong here. This script does not show up under the ps
listing. The only change between 2.0.27, where it worked correctly, and
2.1.14, where the behavior is broken is that I rebooted to load the new
kernel. If I reboot into 2.0.27, it works again. Please try this script
using the same version of bash and ps and I believe you will see the same
error. If I am somehow using an old version of something, please let me
know. If you don't see something you want, just ask.

This is a live bug, and it seems related to the recent changes in how the
kernel runs scripts. I sent an earlier post about this, but I was not very


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